Mannick Sentiment Re-release

18 Feb


Back in 2009 we released Jason Mann aka Whois Louis’ EP, Mannick Sentiment. This is arguably his magnum opus and easily the most personally revealing piece of work in his discography. This album is an ode to the challenges that so many artists go through while trying to balance work, family, and the craft that they love. Audio Recon is proud to re-release this emotionally moving EP both digitally in stereo and on extremely limited edition handcrafted 10″ lathe record in mono (courtesy of Lost Cult, Obelus Objects, and White Noise Vinyl). 100% of all proceeds go directly to Jason Mann and his family. Jason has been battling a rare form of cancer called chordoma since early 2012.

if you just want to show love, you can donate directly to Jason’s paypal here:

Per Ardua Stabilis

Hoosier Apex -10″ lathe cut

2 Jan

Hop over to our store and pick up the Hoosier Apex 10″ lathe cut! Only 5 left ! Includes Hoosier Apex CD!  Brought to you by our bud Id Obelus!


Serengeti- Lore

30 Oct

vexin’/[s]lo-fi flips tape by defame — cicadashells

30 Oct

Limited edition, home-dubbed, hand-made tapes featuring the vexin’ EP on side A and [s]lo-fi flips, a collection of remixes, on side B. Purchase thru bandcamp!

via vexin’/[s]lo-fi flips tape by defame — cicadashells

Serengeti-Kaleidoscope Limited Edition Cassette

17 Oct

We are proud to be releasing the new Serengeti album “Kaleidoscope” exclusively on Audio Recon. Bounce over to this link and Pre-Order it now.

Ships on November 15th.
This is a  limited run of 100 tapes.



Shells In The Air (Mix)

17 Oct

Get your Shells in the Air!!


Here is a 20min continuous mix put together by Defame that includes old, new, random, and unreleased Cicada Shells tracks. Full length release coming your way soon!

Throw ya shells in the air.

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Hoosier Apex

6 Feb

Ace Ha, Branimal, Id Obelus, and Richard Cook have teamed up to fulfill the prophecy…